What sets Coventina Water apart form our competitors is our client focus. Projects come in all sizes and complexity. Flexibility is required in these projects to ensure a job well done. No one company can perform a full multi-faceted Design Build project alone and many have difficulties navigating the challenges of pulling in all of the right resources.

Coventina Water’s approach is much different. Having a partnering mentality to take advantage of each entities expertise is key to the success of these large projects. We are very proficient at setting up various project groups in the form of simple teaming arrangements, partnering, to full joint ventures. Our belief is that to work together with our team members as well as our clients stake holders results in a much smoother project execution.

Coventina Water offers Full System Solutions:

  • Complete construction of Water and Wastewater Treatment systems
  • Well Drilling
  • System Operations and Monitoring
  • High Purity Water System
  • Drinking Water Treatment system (Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, and Tannin removal)
Full Treatment System